Cars : Coloriages PDF

So I sketched some buildings for them and cars : Coloriages PDF a happy little paper city. Yes, you can join in on the fun.

Avec sa découpe inventive et amusante en forme de volant, ce livre de coloriages de 32 pages ravira tout féru de voitures de course !

There is a template you can download and print below. It might also be nice to color them. Update: To see more Paper City Toys, click here! Click on the templates below, then print.

Fold along the dotted lines first, then cut along the thin solid lines across the top and bottom. In the photos above, I printed out two cityscapes. For the people, I thought it looked best to leave some white around the edges when cutting. I printed on a matte photo paper. In two hours we are driving to spend some relaxing days by the beach. Paper City is already packaged to play some hours with our 18 months old Sara. Thank you, and congratulations for your work!

Found your blog just a couple of days ago! Love your work and thanks for sharing SO MANY awesome ideas. I am an art teacher and used your paper people idea in my Saturday class last weekend. We have included some of your great projects on our monthly newsletter.

Can’t wait till your book is out. I’m sure it’ll be greater seller for you! I just read about your site in our local, Sunday, newspaper. I teach kids grades Pk-5 in Wichita Falls, TX. I hope you’ll be glad to know that I’m adding it to my file and plan to share your super site with other teachers and parents. I’m so grateful to you for making them available to us at no charge. I teach in a low income school and I love to get the kids to go back to using imagination and their own talents to entertain themselves.

Help vote for the next Paper City! Why not put it to a vote? This is so cute and creative! Found you through Frugal Family Fun Blog and am now following on Facebook! More on that in a few weeks.

Paper City, which has come from the Made by Joel website. We are dealing with a postal strike here and I am going to use these to teach my kids about how the mail gets delivered, although it is lovely enough to just play with anyway! The idea was based on this creative young man’s  blog here. Et si on jouait à la poupée ?