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Museum of Modern Art, New York. Masson was born in Balagny-entretiens avec Moebius PDF-Thérain, Oise, but when he was eight his father’s work took the family first briefly to Lille and then to Brussels. His early works display an interest in cubism.

He later became associated with surrealism, and he was one of the most enthusiastic employers of automatic drawing, making a number of automatic works in pen and ink. From around 1926 he experimented by throwing sand and glue onto canvas and making oil paintings based around the shapes that formed. Under the German occupation of France during World War II, his work was condemned by the Nazis as degenerate. Masson drew the cover of the first issue of Georges Bataille’s review, Acéphale, in 1936, and participated in all its issues until 1939. Hélène Parant, Fabrice Flahutez, and Camille Morando. Each copy initialed by André Masson.

Collection Les grands maîtres de l’art contemporain. André Masson ou les autres valeurs. Paris: Le musée de poche, 1963. Georges Limbour et Michel Leiris André Masson et son univers. Entretiens avec Georges Charbonnier, préface de Georges Limbour. Reprinted 1995 by éditions André Dimanche, Marseille.