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This finance-related article is a stub. Frictions PDF can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Edo period when the Tokugawa shogunate ended. Although these two groups were the most visible powers, many other factions attempted to use the chaos of Bakumatsu to seize personal power.

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The British frigate Phaeton forced supplies from the Japanese in 1808. King, was repelled from Edo Bay in 1837. Frictions with foreign shipping led Japan to take defensive actions from the beginning of the 19th century. Western ships were increasing their presence around Japan due to whaling activities and the China trade.

They were hoping for Japan to become a base for supply or at least a place where shipwrecks could receive assistance. A 150-pound Satsuma cannon, built in 1849. It was mounted on Fort Tenpozan at Kagoshima. Following the Morrison incident involving the Morrison under Charles W. King in 1837, Egawa Hidetatsu was put in charge of establishing the defense of Tokyo Bay against Western intrusions in 1839.