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Please forward this error screen to web-wb-11. Jump to navigation Jump to search For the larger language family of which Algonquin is a member, see Algonquian languages. This grammaire basque PDF contains IPA phonetic symbols.

Sign at La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve in French, Algonquin and English. The Algonquin text « Manàdjitòdan kakina kegòn netàwigig kakina e-dashiyag » literally translates to « Be gentle with all things of nature for everyone. Algonquin is an Algonquian language, of the Algic family of languages, and is descended from Proto-Algonquian. It is considered a particularly divergent dialect of Ojibwe by many. Ontario, despite being geographically separated by 800 km as the crow flies.

There are several dialects of the Algonquin language. Speakers at Maniwaki consider their language to be Algonquin, though linguistically it is a dialect of Eastern Ojibwa. Some communities use « dj », others use « j ». Some communities use « tc », others use « tch » or « ch ». Some communities use « j », others use « zh ». Some communities use « c », others use « ch » or « sh ».

In Algonquin, vowels automatically become nasal before nd, ng, nj or nz. Word stress in Algonquin is complex but regular. Jena, Germany: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. Winnipeg: The University of Manitoba Press. Papers of the 36th Algonquian Conference. The Languages of Native North America. Maniwaki, QC: Kitigan Zibi Education Council.