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Kong voyage. De l’île du Crâne à New York, du tyrannosaure à melencholia, de la femme cinématographique aux hommes qui peuplent le monde.

Nous le voyons, entendons ce que ne peut articuler son cri, l’accompagnons, lui parlons en levant la tête vers lui et vers le ciel où passent les oiseaux et les grands avions qui parfois heurtent les hautes tours.

Voyage initiatique de Kong dans un monde sans cesse en branle, en quête de savoir, à la fois fragile et invincible.

« une étrange séduction, entre poème et texte choral », Panta Théâtre

Depuis vingt ans, Rémi Checchetto écrit de la poésie et pour le théâtre avec des metteurs en scène, des comédiens, des musiciens, des plasticiens… et propose des lectures-performances. Aux Éditions Espaces 34, il a publié King du ring, L’homme et cetera, Que moi, Zou, explorant la question de l’identité dans une forme proche du monologue.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to Legendary Dartmoor and come back again. I wonder if you can help me please. It’s a bit of a long shot but I’m trying to find the name of a place I stayed at on Dartmoor for a training week in 1992. I’ve searched online and looked at all the bunkhouses and training centres but I can’t find anything that matches my photos or memories of the place. I’m pretty sure it was near to Princetown, as we went to the Plume of Feathers on two of the evenings to play bowls, but it was in the countryside and not the town. Thank you very much for any help you can give me. Thank you very much for your reply and the info about Dartmoor Training Centre.

I expect that’s why I didn’t come across it. I’m really chuffed to have a name for it now. I found your website very interesting but wonder if you can throw any light on the origins of the name Leeden Tor. OUR tor, and were regaled with the story of which we never tired the telling. A forebear, incarcerated in Princetown prison, escaped and ended his days gruesomely by committing suicide on Dartmoor Tor, which was named after him. LEEDEN family in Broxbourne, this was SSOOO exciting. So, reluctantly, I ask if you have to dispel the myth so that I may enlighten my grandchildren with the real story?

Having grown up in England I have always been fascinated with Dartmoor. Congratulations on such a wealth of information. I value websites for their information, especially accurate information. I know London is a long way off, perhaps for some it’s on another planet. It has been the subject of a magnificent restoration.