Le bateau de Léo PDF

This article needs additional citations for verification. 100-line verse-poem written in le bateau de Léo PDF by Arthur Rimbaud. The poem describes the drifting and sinking of a boat lost at sea in a fragmented first-person narrative saturated with vivid imagery and symbolism.

Une histoire pour que l’enfant puisse s’identifier au héros et laisser vagabonder son imagination.

Rimbaud, then aged 16, wrote the poem in the summer of 1871 at his childhood home in Charleville in Northern France. Rimbaud included the poem in a letter he sent to Paul Verlaine in September 1871 to introduce himself to Verlaine. Shortly afterwards, he joined Verlaine in Paris and became his lover. Rimbaud was inspired to write the poem after reading Jules Verne’s novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which had recently been published in book form, and which is known to have been the source of many of the poem’s allusions and images. It is woven around the delirious visions of the eponymous boat, swamped and lost at sea. It was considered revolutionary in its use of imagery and symbolism.

Les ayant cloués nus aux poteaux de couleurs. Nailing them naked to coloured stakes. Rimbaud biographer Enid Starkie describes the poem as an anthology of memorable images and lines. The voice is that of the drunken boat itself. The boat tells of becoming filled with water, thus « drunk. Million d’oiseaux d’or, ô future Vigueur? Afterwards the vision is lost and the spell breaks.