New Live : Anglais, 4ème PDF

How can we ‘soften’ our advice in order to seem less bossy? This French new Live : Anglais, 4ème PDF is unusual and it is a great source for activities. Watch the movie segment and write sentences about the movie segment, completing the given sentences.

This is a great, intriguing movie that takes place in Iceland, a really beautiful country. The story makes you reflect upon the meaning of life and relationships. 4ème, rédigé à la suite de la séquence « Let’s eat American style » de Enjoy 4è. This is the second post based on a TV series. The Leftovers is an intriguing HBO dramatic series and its first scene is perfect for modals for speculation.

This is a lovely movie with a moving story. You can’t miss this British animation. It is funny, but not stupid. I loved the way the story is told – from the point of view of the zombie. Dark Skies is a great thriller, but the ending is a bit disappointing.

The movie gave me chills, which I love while watching thrillers. This is an intriguing scene, perfect for modals for speculation. In a survey I conducted with my advanced level teenagers, this movie was their favorite one, according to the majority of students in my class. So I decided to see it and I agree with them. It is a very good film, indeed. This scene is perfect to talk about regrets, using past modals. People may have noticed when the police were searching.

Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l’image pour obtenir la taille initiale. Practise the modals MUST – MUSTN’T – CAN – SHOULD with the following game! Lots of videos about modals on the right. This segment shows a stereotyped librarian and the way she acts when somebody disturbs her. I think this scene is hilarious. Conditionnel – What would you do if ? I knew my place should I leave it there.