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Robinson du froid PDF Relocation to the High Arctic, Alan R. Marcus proposes that the relocation of the Inuit not only served as an experiment, but as an answer to the Eskimo problem.

The families were left without sufficient supplies of food and caribou skins and other materials for making appropriate clothing and tents. The relocatees included Inuit who had been involved in the filming of Robert J. However, Flaherty had died in 1951, prior to the relocation. 10 million in compensation from the federal government. Following public and media pressure, the federal government created a program to assist the Inuit to return to the south, and in 1989, 40 Inuit returned to their former communities, leading to a break up of families on generational lines, as younger community members often chose to remain in the High Arctic. Those that remained are described as being fiercely committed to their home. In 1990, the House of Commons of Canada standing committee on Aboriginal affairs asked the government to apologize to the Inuit who had been moved to the high Arctic in 1953, to provide compensation to them, and to formally recognize the residents of Resolute and Grise Fiord for their service to Canada’s sovereignty.

In contrast, a Canadian Human Rights Commission report submitted in December 1991 argued that there was clear evidence that there were government concerns about Arctic sovereignty at the time of the relocations, and an understanding that the settlements would contribute to Canadian sovereignty. In July 1994, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples held hearings to investigate the relocation program. After nearly five decades, an official government apology was given on 18 August 2010 to the relocated families for the inhumane treatment and suffering caused by the relocation. Two generations on, the term The Relocated remains emotive. Pijamini said that he intentionally made them look melancholy because the relocation was not a happy event.

The monument was unveiled in September 2010, and received praise from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The High Arctic relocation is the subject of Zacharias Kunuk’s film Exile. This film tells the story of Martha Flaherty, granddaughter of Robert J. Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home.

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