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If you are the account owner, please submit ticket for further information. Pourquoi préparer votre voyage avec minube? Découvrez ce que nos utilisateurs pensent de la communauté de voyageurs qui les encourage à parcourir le monde. Women did, however, continue to practice during this time. At the beginning of the twenty-first century in industrialized nations, women have made significant gains, but have yet to achieve parity throughout the medical profession. Women have achieved parity in medical school in some industrialized countries, since 2003 forming the majority of the United States medical student body.

However, the practice of medicine remains disproportionately male overall. In industrialized nations, the recent parity in gender of medical students has not yet trickled into parity in practice. In many developing nations, neither medical school nor practice approach gender parity. Moreover, there are skews within the medical profession: some medical specialties, such as surgery, are significantly male-dominated, while other specialties are significantly female-dominated, or are becoming so.

In the United States, female physicians outnumber male physicians in pediatrics and female residents outnumber male residents in family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, and psychiatry. Women continue to dominate in nursing. In health care professions as a whole in the US, women numbered approximately 14. Biomedical research and academic medical professions—i. The glass ceiling is used as a metaphor to convey the undefined obstacles that women and minorities face in the workplace.