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RIAN archive spy Channel PDF Powers Wears Special Pressure Suit. US Air Force O3 shoulderboard rotated. He later worked as a helicopter pilot for KNBC and died in a 1977 helicopter crash.

Le roman d’espionnage à l’heure de la révolution audiovisuelle et des satellites. « Copyright Electre »

His family lived in a mining town, and because of the hardships associated with the life in such a town, his father wanted Powers to become a doctor. He hoped his son would achieve the higher earnings of such a profession and felt the life of a doctor would involve less hardship than any job in his hometown. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Milligan College in Tennessee in June 1950, he enlisted in the United States Air Force in October. He married Barbara Gay Moore in Newnan, Georgia, on April 2, 1955. In January 1956 he was recruited by the CIA. In May 1956 he began U-2 training at Watertown Strip, Nevada.

Detachment 10-10, was deployed to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. Powers when he testified to the Senate Committee. The wings and tail are detached to demonstrate the aircraft’s breakup upon impact. Powers was discharged from the Air Force in 1956 with the rank of captain. He then joined the CIA’s U-2 program at the civilian grade of GS-12. The primary mission of the U-2s was overflying the Soviet Union.

This was to be the first attempt « to fly all the way across the Soviet Unionbut it was considered worth the gamble. The planned route would take us deeper into Russia than we had ever gone, while traversing important targets never before photographed. As Powers flew near Kosulino in the Ural Region, three S-75 Dvinas were launched at his U-2, with the first one hitting the aircraft. What was left of the plane began spinning, only upside down, the nose pointing upward toward the sky, the tail down toward the ground. Powers was unable to activate the plane’s self-destruct mechanism before he was thrown out of the plane after releasing the canopy and his seat belt. Powers did note a second chute after landing on the ground, « some distance away and very high, a lone red and white parachute ».

Powers’s disappearance over the Soviet Union, they issued a cover statement claiming a « weather plane » had strayed off course after its pilot had « difficulties with his oxygen equipment ». What CIA officials did not realize was that the plane crashed almost fully intact, and the Soviets recovered its equipment. Powers tried to limit the information he shared with the KGB to that which could be determined from the remains of his plane’s wreckage. He was hampered by information appearing in the western press. A KGB major stated « there’s no reason for you to withhold information. Your Press will give it to us. However, he limited his divulging of CIA contacts to one individual, with a pseudonym of « Collins ».