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This article is about the book by Robert Conquest. The Great Terreur PDF: Stalin’s Purge of the Thirties is a book by British historian Robert Conquest which was published in 1968. A revised version of the book, called The Great Terror: A Reassessment, was printed in 1990 after Conquest was able to amend the text, having consulted recently opened Soviet archives.

Le 19 mai 1845, le HMS Erebus et le HMS Terror quittent l’Angleterre sous les vivats de la foule. Avec ces navires, le vénérable Sir John Franklin entend enfin percer le mythique passage du Nord-Ouest. Mais à l’enthousiasme succèdent bientôt la désillusion, puis le drame… Mal préparée, équipée et dirigée, l’expédition se retrouve prisonnière des glaces et de la nuit polaire. La mort frappe. La maladie se répand. La faim, la mutinerie et la folie couvent. Et rôde une mystérieuse et terrifiante créature, incarnation des peurs ancestrales de l’homme face aux éléments.

Le 19 mai 1845, cent vingt-neuf hommes partaient pour un voyage au bout de l’enfer blanc. Combien en reviendront vivants ?

It also drew on accounts by Russian and Ukrainian émigrés and exiles dating back to the 1930s. In the book, Conquest disputed the assertion made by Nikita Khrushchev and supported by many Western leftists, namely that Stalin and his purges were an aberration from the ideals of the Revolution and were contrary to the principles of Leninism. In the book, Conquest sharply criticized Western intellectuals for their blindness towards the realities of the Soviet Union, both in the 1930s and in some cases even in the 1960s. A widespread story recounts that when Conquest was asked to provide a new title for an anniversary edition, after his initial findings were verified by the opened Soviet archives, he replied: « How about I Told You So, You Fucking Fools? According to Conquest, this never happened and was a joking invention of writer Kingsley Amis. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening up of the Soviet archives, many of Conquest’s claims were validated as having been accurate. 5 million going to Gulag ‘colonies’, to say nothing of the 3.