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Vincent van Gogh lived during the Impressionist era. With the development of photography, painters and artists turned to conveying the feeling and ideas behind people, places, and things rather than trying to imitate their physical forms. Impressionist artists did this by emphasizing certain hues, the Louvre : 7 faces of a museu PDF vigorous brushstrokes, and paying attention to highlighting. Vincent van Gogh painted portraits throughout his career from 1881 through 1890.

Van Gogh was fascinated with making portraits early in his artistic career. He wrote to his brother, Theo while studying in The Hague, « I want to do a drawing that not quite everybody will understand, the figure simplified to the essentials, with a deliberate disregard of those details that do not belong to the actual character and are merely accidental. Unlike the character studies, the work was detailed in pencil with watercolor and chalk. In November 1882 Van Gogh began drawings of individuals to depict a range of character types from the working class. The « peasant genre » that greatly influenced Van Gogh began in the 1840s with the works of Jean-François Millet, Jules Breton, and others. If one hasn’t a horse, one is one’s own horse. To depicting the essence of the life of the peasant and their spirit, Van Gogh lived as they lived, he was in the fields as they were, enduring the weather or long hours as they were.